In the summer of 1973 tragedy befell upon the small town of Mayo in rural South Carolina. As five college students were coming through town, they experienced engine trouble. Lucky for them, or so they thought, there was a small camp ground nearby. They wondered around looking for someone to help them, or at least tell them where they were. To there surprise all of the tents had been abandoned. With nowhere to go and no one to help they decided to set up camp for the night. Little did they know their bad night was about to get terribly worse. Unfortunately, they didn't know the bad past this abandoned camp ground has. Three days after their arrival two of the five students were picked up. They were miles from the camp and covered in blood and dirt. No one truly knows what happened in those three days. The only thing we do know, is the ramblings and fear of the two survivors. Ramblings of a sadistic and cannibalistic family, killer clowns and only things you would see in your worst nightmare. The whispers are still heard through out the town. People travel to the campground in search of the things the two say they saw, no one has found them and if they did... they didn't make it out to say.  The only words uttered by the survivors now is.... GET OUT ALIVE.

11 years old and up $15
6-10 years old $5
5 and under free
VIP $20

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OPEN 2017
SEP 29, 30
OCT 6,7,13,14,20,21,27,28,
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